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Real Estate Banking & Finance

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Real Estate

We handle conveyancing and all types of property-related transactions and deals including sales and purchases, leases and licenses, estate planning and administration, real estate venture transactions, construction transactions, change of user and extension of leases and banking security documentation for both local and international clients.

The firm provides legal advisory services for all aspects of real estate transactions including:

  • Acting for buyers and sellers in conveyancing transactions, preparation and registration of diverse documents relating to property including leases, licenses, easements, sectional property transactions, joint ventures for real estate development, construction projects, project structuring and financing, sub-division of land, change of user, extension of leasehold titles, amalgamation, rectification of titles, processing of new titles and grants and replacement of lost titles.
  • Carrying out property
  • Providing due diligence and forensic audit services for property-related
  • Application and procurement of various forms of consents for property matters and pay land rates and rents on behalf of
  • Preparation and registration of power of attorneys, prohibitions, restrictions, caveats, trusts relating to land, estate planning and wills and
  • Attending to stamping and registration formalities related to the aforesaid transactions and advise clients on land matters
  • Application for stamp duty exemptions on behalf of clients as

Banking and Finance

The firm has vast experience in the preparation of banking security documentation including perfection of simple and complex legal charges and debentures for individuals and companies (as the case may be).

The firm is also proficient in the preparation of related security documents including discharge of charges, deeds of guarantee, deeds of assignment, deeds of priority, security sharing agreements, loan agreements, deed subordination agreements and escrow agreements.

The firm also reviews security documents for borrowers and banks/financial institutions and advises on collateral securities, debt restructuring as well as other models of raising capital such as private equity arrangement and loan syndication.