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Multilateral Organisations, Foreign Embassies & Consulates

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Multilateral organizations their agencies as well as diplomatic missions’ often need specialized legal guidance and representation on different fields relating to the Laws of Uganda and compliance thereof to enable optimum efficiency in carrying out their mandates and to effectively serve their stakeholders or citizens.   We have vast knowledge and a deep appreciation of the unique roles of international organizations, foreign embassies and missions that allow us to offer practical solutions that encompass both the Ugandan laws as well as applicable international laws and treaties.

We have as CM Advocates Uganda provided legal guidance, legal opinions/advisory to these entities in relation to their day-to-day activities as well as offered legal representation to their citizens who are desirous to expand their investment portfolios in Uganda. In general, we act as legal counsel for countries, their embassies, foreign nationals as well as various multilateral organizations. Foreign embassies/ missions face a range of legal issues on a daily basis, from establishing business contracts with service providers to litigation and criminal defense representation for mission personnel all of which fall within our service provision.

We also offer apostille services as well as notarization, certification, legalization of documentation services as well as facilitating Certificates of Good Conduct for international clients from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Our firm’s diversified presence in Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, Kigali-Rwanda, and Dar es Salaam-Tanzania enables us to meet the legal needs for clients in these regions and within the East Africa Community (EAC). In each of the countries, we are provided ample opportunities to offer international foreign embassies a monthly flat fee for a range of predetermined services within the scope of a retainer agreement.

Our services and scope of work for multilateral diplomatic missions include but are not limited to:

  • Providing in-house attorneys, legal counsel and lawyers to foreign embassies and multilateral
  • Undertaking Real Estate, property acquisition transactions on behalf of the staff, location and status of embassies and real property improvements and construction
  • Personnel taxation matters for foreign officials, employees, and non-Ugandan
  • Assisting Embassy personnel with matters regarding establishment of businesses in Uganda as well as advising on all matters immigration relating to the
  • Apostille services as well as notarization, certification and legalization of documents
  • Drafting or review of contracts and agreements including service providers’
  • Assisting staff who may require legal services in Uganda in relation to commercial
  • Litigation and criminal defense representation for mission personnel before all courts of law, tribunals and other
  • Assisting in matters relating to diplomatic privileges and immunities under the Diplomatic Privileges Act of Uganda and international laws, conventions and host agreements affecting foreign embassies and their
  • Financial services such relating to banking and finance professional services agreements and other aspects of foreign mission activities. Facilitating cost-efficient expansion of home-country businesses in Uganda and within the East Africa Community, including establishing Uganda or regional operations that are in compliance with Uganda or regional regulatory requirements, including:
    • Obtaining approvals from relevant governmental authorities;
    • Advising on fiscal measures, applicable taxes and other statutory regulations;
    • Drafting and review of co-operation agreement or joint ventures
    • Labour and employment law advisories and representation;
    • Introductions to key players and stakeholders in the relevant markets;
    • Technology transfer agreements;
    • Cross-border protection of intellectual
  • Assist efforts to attract reciprocal investments by Ugandan companies into the client’s home country by working with consulates and associated foreign trade
  • Referral to other reputable experts like bankers, trustees, accountants, estate agents, auditors and various professional in the sector e.t.c.

We bring together top-notch lawyers of the highest caliber with the technical knowledge, industry experience and regional expertise to provide the incisive legal advice and solutions to international clients.

Should you wish to engage, consult or appoint us on any matters regarding the foregoing, kindly contact bnambooze@cmadvocates.com.