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The CM SME Club Membership
is your dedicated legal department

We take care of your business-as-usual legal work while you focus on running your business.

Top Tier Legal Services

Leverage on our tested and proven expertise as a leading law firm in East Africa and a tier 1 firm in Kenya by joining the CM SME Club.

Round The Clock Access; At The Click Of A Button

The club is hosted on our dedicated legal services portal to facilitate download, review and sharing of all legal resources timeously.

Routine Business As Usual Documents

We have pre-empted your company’s needs and availed routine business as usual documents for free on our dedicated services portal effectively simplifying routine legal processes whilst guaranteeing efficiency and quality.

Free Video & Audio Consultations

Each subscription guarantees direct and dedicated access to a specialized lawyer who serves as your company’s account manager and is available for virtual consultations.

Unlimited Review of Legal Documents

We assure top quality legal documents and services but, in the event, you need to countercheck a matter, our specialized advocates are available to review documents before execution.

Fast Turn Around Time

The Club is primarily hosted on an online platform accessible through the firm’s website. Consultations, documents review and related legal services are offered on this platform guaranteeing instant feedback and timeous results.

Flexible Pricing

Our pricing model premised on the value add created and payable monthly to ensure it is not prohibitive. This is as opposed to paying high lump sum at the peak of your legal issue.

SME Club Service Offerings


From just
Ksh. 40,000/-
Ksh. 120,000

1. Business Set up and Compliance

  • Affordable registration of various forms of business organizations
  • Business Structuring Advisory
  • Advising on Licensing and Regulatory Issues
  • Routine Legal, Regulatory, Compliance & Governance Audits
  • Routine Business Policy Formulation
  • Review of Business Model


2. Free Legal Contract and Agreements

  • By way of a self-service, we offer over 50 high-quality, routine and easy to populate legal document templates for businesspeople;
  • Our lawyer can also review and amend these templates to suit your specific requirements;
  • We also free legal consultations on how to use these templates, and on any other technical issues


3. Day to Day Operations

  • 15 minutes consultation on every new matter
  • Drafting and review of labour and employment contracts and policies
  • Drafting and review of company's articles of association
  • Preparation and review of directors and senior management contracts;
  • General employment and labour law advisory
  • Drafting and review of routine business contracts
  • General Tax law advisory
  • Intellectual Property filings/registration (Note: opposition proceedings and related court proceedings will be charged separately. Clients will also cater for all government filing charges and disbursements).
  • Review of Leases/ licences for Business Premises
  • Review of terms and conditions of trade and supply agreements such as delivery notes, invoices, LPOs e.tc


4. Capital Raising and Expansion

  • Assisting in review or drafting capital raising documentation
  • Advice on mergers, acquisition, and other share deals
  • Advising the board and management on capital arising options
  • Issuance of legal opinions on validity of security documents
  • Review of Letter of Offers and Banking Security Documents
  • Advising on restructuring of banking facilities
  • Handing Routine Correspondence with Lenders and Financiers
  • Legal Supports during meetings with Lenders and Financiers


5. Protection and and Debt Recovery

  • Handling Debt Recovery matters (Note: A charge of 10% of the debt amount will apply for contentious and non-contentious debt matters. In the event of litigation, the client will cater for all court filing charges and disbursements)
  • General advisory on enforcement of the legal rights
  • Issuing or responding to demand letters on your behalf and related correspondence
  • Issuing legal opinion in relation to existing or proposed litigious matters
  • General Advisory on Insolvency laws and pitfalls
  • Advice on how to mitigate against existing or potential legal or compliance risks.


6. Succession and Estate Planning

  • General tax planning advisory
  • Review of business ownership model
  • General advisory on matrimonial property rights and ownership of matrimonial property
  • General Advisory on business succession planning and estate planning
  • General advisory on wills and other estate planning tools
  • General advisory on set family trusts (Note: Separate fees will apply for setting up family trusts and other succession tools like living trusts and wills)


Additional Benefits**
Specialized legal services allowing you to focus on growing your business

Our customized SME Club membership guarantees you a dedicated legal partner allowing you to focus on growing your business while we avert unnecessary legal risk.

We are committed to your growth and upon request members will get the following additional benefits:


Our services are tailor made for every stage of your business accordingly the Firm will routinely change account managers to ensure expertise aligns with your company’s present legal needs.


As your dedicated legal partner, we handle your legal and allow you to focus on growing your business and if necessary, we shall assign an advocate for personalized attention during peak legal seasons.


The Club is tailor made for SMEs and when your company does transition to a large enterprise, we shall help set up your legal department to ensure seamless transition yet maintain quality.

From just Ksh. 80,000/ – 150,000/ Monthly**

*Pricing based on a minimum 12 month subscription plan with discounted quarterly, bi-annual and annual payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

We took the time to anticipate some of your frequently asked questions

All micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMes) which are typically mid sized  companies with an annual turnover of between Ush 156 million and Ush 32 billion.

There is a minimum 12-month membership period. You receive a membership discount if you sign up for three or five years.

The pricing is based on your company’s legal needs – it starts at Ush. 200,000 - 2,400,000/ for routine legal services, premier membership ranges from Ush. 2,400,000 - 2,800,000 per month and guarantees additional benefits including advocate secondment to your offices.

You simply book your consultation through our portal. One of our lawyers will call you at the selected time.

Your membership also gives you access to our team via phone or video call. If you would prefer a face to face consultation, please contact our team and we would be happy to assist.

Members have access to the routine business as usual documents guaranteeing that routine legal processes are undertaken timeously, efficiently and at top notch quality.

Business owners are allowed to focus on growing the business while top lawyers handle the company’s legal needs and avoid unnecessary legal risk all at an affordable, facilitative cost  whilst leveraging on the benefits of technology.