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Self Evaluation Form

This form may be filled offers the employee or supervisee a chance to evaluate and remind him or herself and their manager of the employees progress, achievements and areas for improvement which may form basis for promotion, or salary raise, and to identify any discrepancies in the perception of your performance between you and your boss.

When filling the form, please answer the questions by ticking the appropriate box. It’s important that you question yourself, assess your performance and give honest responses. When you have finished answering all the questions, total the number of checked boxes in each column. Multiply the total of each column by the severity factor for that category. Add together the total of each column. This is your evaluation score. The higher the score, the better your understanding is of the company/employer, its structure and your role in it.

Please remember this questionnaire is strictly confidential, and no one will judge you based on the information it contains.

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Self Evaluation Form

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Table of Contents

CM Advocates LLP Service Agreement template sets out:

  • the terms of the relationship;
  • the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the service provider and principal; and
  • business processes such as payment, fees and invoicing.
  • an unpaid invoices collection clause;
  • a confidentiality clause;
  • the ability for the service provider to be paid on commission;
  • a subcontracting clause allowing the principal to restrict the ability of the service provider to subcontract the services;
  • a sophisticated dispute resolution clause;
  • a sophisticated workplace health and safety clause;
  • a non-compete clause;
  • a provision to protect your intellectual property and to allow the service provider to use it, if required; and
  • additional provisions in related to the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the service provider and principal, particularly if agreement has been reached on particular issues.

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